From your initial enquiry we can respond quickly with a fixed-price quotation, based either on remeasurable quantities of materials to be treated or a lump sum based on our own ground model. Such is the breadth of our experience, we may not need to visit the site beforehand if a site investigation can be provided.

All of which helps to speed up your tendering process – an invaluable factor in urgent situations. Once on site, Geofirma can deploy more skilled teams and specialist plant than anyone else in the field, being one of Europe’s largest specialists in soil stabilisation.

This ensures that we can offer the fastest possible programme times – especially as we can also undertake other aspects of the site preparation works such as site clearance and earthmoving.
Compared with conventional methods, the actual technique of soil stabilisation is by its nature a much less time-consuming process.

No need to remove vast amounts of materials from the site for tipping, no need to import expensive amounts of stone.

We can deliver all these benefits regardless of the size of the project. Not only those on a large scale, but smaller sites where access might be a potential problem. Timescales might be inflexible, but Geofirma isn’t.