Soil stabilisation is a modern and efficient method of site preparation offering substantial benefits to the Contractor. Yet it’s an area where experienced specialists are very thin on the ground. Which is where Geofirma really come into their own. We are the UK’s leading soils stabilisation specialist, offering an important and reassuring edge in this sector of ground engineering.

Geofirma’s specialist technicians and personnel have played a leading role in the development and refinement of soil stabilisation in the UK. In doing so, we’ve helped to establish this technique as the most effective approach to the provision of pavement and ground slab foundations and the problems of ground preparation on unstable or unsuitable soils.

We offer a totally integrated service which can include laboratory testing in our own in-house facilties. If required, we can also provide a consultancy service, technical advice on site, and a design for the groundworks based on computerised modelling to optimise design levels.

Throughout the project, from testing to treatment, we maintain rigorous quality management. All treatment is carried out using the most advanced machines in Europe, including models specifically adapted for Geofirma.

Drawing on over twenty years experience, we have evolved to meet every conceivable site condition.