Soil Stabilisation with quicklime and/or cement is a modern and efficient method of site preparation by offering substantial benefits to the developer and contractor alike. Yet it’s an area where experienced specialists are very thin on the ground. Which is where Geofirma really come into their own.

Geofirma personnel have played a leading role in developing, refining and expanding the process since its introduction into the UK and sit as industry Experts on British and European Standards committees. Our total commitment to providing cost-effective solutions to ground preparation, is backed by the latest construction equipment, an in-house soils laboratory, computerised ground modelling, and a fully integrated service which is unique in the construction industry.

Our unsurpassed experience, broad management structure and proven technical expertise is well supported by an impressive track record and a substantial portfolio of major projects. So nobody understands the ground rules better than we do.

Geofirma operate the largest fleet of soil stabilisation plant in the UK and at least 9 million cubic metres of soil has successfully undergone lime stabilisation/cement stabilisation by Geofirma on more than 500 civil engineering and building projects over the past 20 years.

Geofirma offer a totally integrated design and construction service, including site investigation and soil testing in a UKAS accredited laboratory, design and optimisation of earthworks using computer aided techniques, and earthmoving and soil stabilisation using state of the art plant and equipment.