What We Do

Soil stabilisation with quicklime and/or cement is a modern and efficient method of site preparation by offering substantial benefits to the developer and contractor alike. Yet it’s an area where experienced specialists are very thin on the ground. Which is where Geofirma really come into their own.We are the UK’s leading soil stabilisation specialist, offering an important and reassuring edge in this fast growing area. Geofirma personnel have played a leading role in developing, refining and expanding the process since its introduction into the UK. Our total commitment to providing cost-effective solutions to ground preparation, is backed by the latest construction equipment, an in-house soils laboratory, computerised ground modelling, and a fully integrated service which is unique in the construction industry.

Our unsurpassed experience, broad management structure and proven technical expertise is well supported by an impressive track record and a substantial portfolio of major projects. So nobody understands the ground rules better than we do.

With over 80 items of specialist equipment, Geofirma operates the largest fleet of soil stabilisation and earthmoving plant in the UK.

At least 8 million cubic metres of soil has successfully undergone lime stabilisation/cement stabilisation by Geofirma on more than 400 civil engineering and building projects over the past 13 years.

Geofirma offer a totally integrated design and construction service, including site investigation and soil testing in a UKAS accredited laboratory, design and optimisation of earthworks using computer aided techniques, and earthmoving and soil stabilisation using state of the art plant and equipment.

Problem Solving

Soil stabilisation is a modern and efficient method of site preparation offering substantial benefits to the Contractor. Yet it’s an area where experienced specialists are very thin on the ground. Which is where Geofirma really come into their own. We are the UK’s leading soils stabilisation specialist, offering an important and reassuring edge in this fast growing area.

Geofirma’s specialist technicians and personnel have played a leading role in the development and refinement of soil stabilisation in the UK. In doing so, we’ve helped to establish this technique as the most effective approach to the provision of pavement and ground slab foundations and the problems of ground preparation on unstable or unsuitable soils.

We offer a totally integrated service which can include laboratory testing in our own in-house facilties. If required, we can also provide a consultancy service, technical advice on site, and a design for the groundworks based on computerised modelling to optimise design levels.

So contractors benefit not only from our technological resources and expertise, but also from dealing directly with one source for the design and construction of a stabilised site with clear responsibilities for the soil treatment process.

Throughout the project, from testing to treatment, we maintain rigorous quality management. All treatment is carried out using the most advanced machines in Europe, including models specifically adapted for Geofirma.

Drawing on over twenty years experience, we have evolved two distinct methods of soil stabilisation to meet every conceivable site condition.

Time Saving

From your initial enquiry we can respond quickly with a fixed-price quotation, based either on remeasurable quantities of materials to be treated or a lump sum based on our own ground model. Such is the breadth of our experience, we may not need to visit the site beforehand if a site investigation can be provided.

All of which helps to speed up your tendering process – an invaluable factor in urgent situations. Once on site, Geofirma can deploy more skilled teams and specialist plant than anyone else in the field, being one of Europe’s largest specialists in soil stabilisation.

This ensures that we can offer the fastest possible programme times – especially as we can also undertake other aspects of the site preparation works such as site clearance and earthmoving.

Compared with conventional methods, the actual technique of soil stabilisation is by its nature a much less time-consuming process.

No need to remove vast amounts of materials from the site for tipping, no need to import expensive amounts of stone.

We can deliver all these benefits regardless of the size of the project.
Not only those on a large scale, but smaller sites where access might be a potential problem. Timescales might be inflexible, but Geofirma isn’t.

Industry Leading

Machinery in the world, with Europe’s largest fleet of Wirtgen recyclers, including the highly efficient and sophisticated Wirtgen R2500 K, all of which are equipped with integrated spreading hoppers to provide dust-free operation and ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

Our planers are equipped with 3-D satellite control equipment, which enables the stabilised surface to be trimmed to within an incredibly precise + or -6mm tolerance where design information and control permits. All of this proves we are better equipped than any other company to meet the most demanding of tasks. Our state-of-the-art ground modelling service results in optimum usage of site-won material to minimise disposal to landfill.

In turn, this leads to a reduction in overall costs.
Through industry-leading technology and professional expertise, Geofirma delivers the most cost-efficient method of ground preparation anywhere in the UK.

Greener Thinking

Concern for the environment is becoming an increasingly sensitive issue and rightly so.
But for Contractors it can sometimes be difficult to reconcile environmental protection and Health and Safety legislation with commercial pressures.

Soil stabilisation from Geofirma offers the most acceptable solution from every point of view.
As there’s little or no need for the removal and disposal of unsuitable soils and the import of quarried stone, the effects on the environment are greatly reduced as well as minimising the impact on the local population from construction traffic.

In effect, the materials on site are recycled, instead of going to landfill sites at considerable cost to the project and the environment.
When carrying out the stabilisation treatment Geofirma works to strictly observed standards to minimise environmental impact.

The application of the binders is carefully controlled, using purpose-built lime/cement spreaders to ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations.
Our integrated mixers incorporate the latest dust-suppression technology, this being particularly important when the site is in a dust-sensitive location, such as an airport or adjacent to housing. From the natural environment to the commercial environment, Geofirma has the technology to protect everyone’s interests.