Stabilisation Process



1 - Spread lime/cement binder

Purpose-built lime/cement spreaders ensure conformity to health and safety standards. In sensitive areas stabilising machines with integral hoppers are used to reduce dust further.

2 - Mix with soil

Purpose-designed and powerfully built stabilising machines mix the soil with the binder – a series of passes may be necessary to achieve the agreed depth and pulverisation. For spreading in sensitive areas a stabilising machine with an integral lime/cement hopper can be used.

Over 200 tungsten carbidetipped rotavator teeth ensure a deep and thorough mix of the binder with the underlying soil.


3 - Compact with roller

Compaction within necessary moisture content range.

4 - Grade

Grading and trimming to achieve required tolerances with laser guided graders or dozers.

5 - Spray Bitumen or lay stone

A bitumen coating may be applied to the top layer to aid curing.

6 - Test

Insitu and laboratory testing is undertaken to confirm compliance.